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May 2016

"In the sprit of May Day, The Rowan Amber Mill have provided for free download, a brand new tune. Processional Waltz (Beltane version) - the song sounds very much like what you'd imagine from the title - is available to download for the next couple of weeks only over at Bandcamp. We hope you enjoy it. Get it while you can, free and easy, and have a very happy May Day. Love, The Rowans. x ."


April 2016

The Quitened Village compilation CD is available from the good people over at A Year in The Country. You may recall it contains a new Rowan Amber Mill track (entitled Separations), amongst a whole host of musical talent.

Our track, Seperations was played on our favourite radio programme in the whole wide world on 25th April edition of Stuart Maconie's Freak Zone on BBC 6, which was a total surprise and a complete joy for us. You can listen to the show here. Seperations is on at around the 20 minutes mark.

Separations is included on the May edition of fRoots Radio from the wonderful folksters of at fRoots Magazine. You can listen to it here.

March 2016

The Rowan Amber Mill have been busy recording new tracks since the new year and have five new tracks finished for various projects (including a couple of very unusual covers), they are also working on two long players which will see release in 2016 (all being well).

A new Rowan Amber Mill track will appear on a superb forthcoming album put out by the good people over at A Year in The Country, the album (The Quietened Village) will also feature tracks by Sproatly Smith, Straw Bear Band, Soulless Party, Howlround and Polypores - to name but a few. Keep an eye out in the coming weeks over at A Year in The Country for more details of release dates, previews of the tracks etc. We have already heard the album and it is superb, so make sure you don't miss out on it when it is released.

The Quietened Village - A Year in the Country

Oh, by the way, the Rowan Amber Mill are also now out and about getting plenty of fresh air and posting the results on their new Instagram page, pop over and say hello, if you like.

November 2015 (ii)

As Jack Frost has started to nip at our toes, we feel it is a very good time to reveal a brand new video for Cold Winter Morning by Angeline Morrison and The Rowan Amber Mill. This is our favourite track off Silent Night Songs for a Cold Winter's Evening. There are still some limited edition CDs exclusively available from Millersounds shop and over at Bandcamp, plus deluxe download versions available from Bandcamp (with four bonus tracks, extra artwork, videos etc) and standard downloads are available from our Millersounds Digital Emporium, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon etc . For more information go to the releases section. Enjoy the video and remember to keep warm.


November 2015 (i)

The Rowan Amber Mill have a new exclusive track on The Delaware Road CD, on the wonderful Buried Treasure label - you can buy it here. "The Delaware Road is a psychological thriller & an audio-visual treat for fans of archived electronica, far out jazz & haunted folk grooves". So there.

The track will also feature on the Delaware Road live soundtrack performance taking place on Saturday 14th November at South Street Arts Centre, Reading. " Featuring DJ sets by Jonny Trunk and The Séance (feat. Pete Wiggs from St Etienne) and live music by Howlround, The Dandelion Set, Ian Helliwell, Robin Lee, Loose Capacitor, Tim Hill, The Twelve Hour Foundation & Revbjelde."
You can still get tickets here.
Ticket price includes free poster and advance download code for 'The Delaware Road' compilation album on Buried Treasure Records.

The Delaware Road

July 2015

We've been busy this year working on a collaboration. Coming later in 2015, the radiophonic acid-folk horror soundtrack to the 1975 film The Children of the Scorpion. Here is a teaser for the release.

December 2014

Silent Night Songs for a Cold Winter's Evening by Angeline Morrison and The Rowan Amber Mill was released on 8th December 2014. It is available as a limited edition CDr version exclusively available from Millersounds shop, deluxe download version available from Bandcamp and standard downloads (with four bonus tracks, extra artwork, video ect) are available from our the Millersounds Digital Emporium, iTunes etc. For more information go to the releases section. In the meantime you can watch a taster promo for the release and you can also hear Silent Night, and Cold Winter Morning on the players below.



Silent Night Songs for a Cold Winter's Evening

October 2014 (ii)

Just in time for Halloween we are happy to announce that The Book of the Lost by Emily Jones and The Rowan Amber Mill is now available to download from iTunes, Amazon etc. An extra special Deluxe Download version with two exclusive previously unreleased bonus tracks, 2 promo films, CD and promotional artwork is exclusively available from The Rowan Amber Mill Bandcamp and Owltextures Bandcamp sites.

October 2014 (i)

The Songs from the Black Meadow album which features The Rowan Amber Mill and Angeline Morrison track The Lauch event Songs from the Black MeadowMeadow's Call is now available. It is available on CD from and also the usual download outlets. Some of the other artists featured on the album include Emily Jones, The Hare and the Moon, Alison O'Donnell, Wyrdstone, The Souless Party, Kid Moxie, Septimus Keen and many more. There is also a 68 page book available separately which contains the lyrics to the tracks on the album, plus a brand new Black Meadow tale by author Chris Lambert (all profits from the sales of the book got to Worldwide Cancer research). It is available to buy here at Amazon.

There is also very special free Songs from the Black Meadow album launch event on the evening of 21st October 2014 taking place at Battle Library in Reading. The evening features live performances, specially commissioned films and readings. It promises to be a really wonderful evening, so do go along if you can possibly make it.

Finally for the Black Meadow news, author and curator Chris Lambert has put together a podcast featuring songs by all the artists appearing on the album. The podcast is available on mixcloud.

For more information about Songs from the Black Meadow and the Tales from the Black Meadow pop along to the project's homepage.

July 2014

As you may know, we have been working on some music with the wonderful Angeline Morrison, and we can now reveal the first offering from our collaboration which is entitled The Meadow's Call. The song was inspired by Chris Lambert's collection of short stories Tales from the Black Meadow, and it will feature on the Songs From the Black Meadow album to be released in October on the Exiled label. Other artists also contributing songs to what promises to be an exceptional album include Emily Jones, The Hare and the Moon, Alison O'Donnell, Wyrdstone, The Souless Party, Kid Moxie, Septimus Keen and many more. Here is the video for our contribution The Meadow's Call.

May 2014

Lots of musical things are happening behind the scenes. We have been working on some tunes with a wonderful singer Angeline Morrison (check out some of her wondrous music here and here). More news of that soon. In the meantime we have been working on some music for what we hope will be an album sometime in the near future. In a clear case of putting the cart before the horse, as a taster for the album we have put out a video for the song what will be the first track on the album. So here is the video for The Buzzard and the Nightingale.


April 2014

The Rowan Amber Mill and Emily Jones and WMT4R have just released a couple of covers of the Gary Numan new wave electro classic Are Friends Electric? In keeping with the zietgeist (and so we don't have to sort out licences etc) it is available to stream for free over at our Bandcamp and YouTube pages. Anyway, the two versions we have done are a Hurdy Gurdy version (featuring hurdy gurdy, crumhorns etc) and a Medieval Disco remix by WMT4R.

March 2014

Happy St Piran's Day, and happy 5th March 2014 which also happens to be The Book of the Lost retail release day. You can buy it from amongst other places, various Amazons around the world, CDbaby, and special mention goes to the indie wonderland that is Norman Records, and of course you can buy the standard and deluxe editions straight from us in our shop, from our shop over on eBay and also at .

To celebrate the release we are running a mega competition (it practically rivals The Gadget Show competition - almost). In the competition you can win: A one-off ultra-special edition of The Book of the Lost, two Rowan Amber Mill albums, an Emily Jones album, two dark folk double CD compilations, a DVD-R of a strange film we found about witches, a big bar of Dark Chocolate and a liquorice and peppermint tea bag.

Head on over to The Book of the Lost Facebook page for more details on our easy to enter mega competition.

January 2014

The Book of the Lost by Emily Jones and The Rowan Amber Mill

Happy new year. The Book of the Lost is due for its full retail release on 5th March 2014 - which fittingly is also St Piran's Day bearing in mind it is 50% made in Cornwall. The Book of the Lost was reviewed in MOJO Magazine (Feb 14 issue) which has made our year.

The Book of teh Lost MOJO review

Go to the reviews section for more reviews (fittingly).

The Rowan Amber Mill are still working on a fair amount of music at the moment and we hope some of it will be released this year. In the meantime here is the full trailer for The Book of the Lost.


December 2013

Reviews of The Book of the Lost trickle in leading up to the full retails CD release. Below is nice review appearing in fRoots magazine.

October 2013

The Book of the Lost is the result of a year long collaboration between Emily Jones and The Rowan Amber Mill, and receives a limited release on 31st October 2013 exclusive to our wesbites. The 10 track CD is available to order on in Standard and Deluxe Editions from the Millersounds shop and will also be available at The Book of the Lost (there will be a fuller general release into music retailers in early 2014). The Book of the Lost was born out of a love of British horror movies - most especially the folk horror genre of the 60s and 70s. So, songs for a soundtrack to some imaginary folk horror films were written and recorded, along with passages of accompanying dialogue and a theme tune to an imagined TV serial that showed the films in its' graveyard slot. See our releases section for more info about the release. For more information and to keep up with all the coming and goings on the project you can find us at the following:

The Book of The Lost Deluxe Edition The Book Of The Lost Standrad Edition


August 2013

The Rowan Amber Mill have a new track included on the latest sampler from the lovely people at Active Listener. The Book Of The Lost (Instrumental Theme) is taken from the forthcoming The Book Of The Lost project that we have been putting together with Emily Jones. This track sees us taking a musical diversion into folk horror with and a Paddy Kingsland influence (at the pastoral end of the Radiophonic Workshop). The Active Listener sampler 11 is available to listen / download on bandcamp and includes tracks by Cornershop, The Sufis and many more.

July 2013

The Rowan Amber Mill have been busy recording and we are happy to announce they will be releasing an e.p. in collaboration with Emily Jones. The Book Of The Lost is a collection of original westcountry folk horror songs for an imaginary 1970s TV serial. The CD will be released on 31st October 2013. We have put together a teaser trailer for the project - which you can take a look at below.


The archive of older news is here


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Older News


December 2012

Hail Be You Sovereigns, Lief And Dear.We have contributed a track to the latest in a series of dark folk double compilation CDs put out by the Cold Spring label. 'Hail Be You Sovereigns, Lief And Dear' is described as follows -" John Barleycorn is king of the fields, gloriously robed in green and crowned with sheaves of golden wheat. He reigns all summer long, but is cut down and deposed at harvest-time, only to be reborn and reinstated the following year. He relies on no arid theory to justify his rule, but only his endless generosity to his subjects. The King is dead - long live the King. 30 tracks from the cream of current dark British Folk music". It is released at the end of December but you can pre-order now direct from Cold Spring.

November 2012

We put together a video for our song Face Of Flowers. The song and the video were inspired by the ancient welsh Mabinogion tales and The Owl Service book and TV series. We hope you like it.

Active Listener Cassette cover.October 2012

We have finished the slow tidying up of our pages here at millersounds. The whole site is being re-organised in preparation for a some other bands who'll be releasing their music on our millersounds label, plus some interesting joint ventures with other small labels, during the course of 2013. The band is incredibly busy recording at the moment and all is progressing nicely

The very limited edition Active Listener cassette tape compilation is currently available to order (be quick though). Our contribution is a rather sonic version of one of our new songs Mandrake, Hemlock And Rye. Ordering details are here. You can also stream for free or download the compilation on Bandcamp - the whole album is downloadable for $2.

September 2012

We have completed a new song entitled Mandrake, Hemlock And Rye and (all being well) a special version of the song will appear on a limited edition compilation cassette to celebrate the first birthday of the wonderful Active Listener site. More news when we hear it. Preparations for a new Rowan Amber Mill e.p. are progressing nicely and we have even have the artwork sorted. It looks likely that it will be released very early in 2013. There are a couple of other very exciting things in the pipeline and we'll let you know about them as the come to fruition.

July 2012

It's been a fair while since we've updated the website - it definitely needs a spring clean. I would recommend, if you want to keep up with our news, to check out our Facebook page because that is where we update when there is anything to say.

Wheels have started turn and the cogs are beginning to whir into action - basically we are back recording again, and we hope full time recording will commence in September. In the meantime, we have recorded a new track for the fourth in the series of dark folk compilations put together by the Cold Spring label. You may recall we had an exclusive track included on the third installment double compilation CD a couple of years back entitled "We Bring You a King With A Head Of Gold ". The new track is called 'On Ridgeway Fields' and the compilation CD is entitled "Hail Be You Sovereigns, Lief And Dear". When we know the release date we'll let you know.

We have also posted up the video for our recently reworked and completed song entitled "Tree Song" over at our place on youtube. This was a song written in protest over the UK Government's proposal to sell off vast areas of publicly owned forest and woodland areas.

We have recently done an interview and an accompanying guest mix for the lovely people over at the wonderful Active Listener site. Read and listen here.

January 2012

2011 was a year of frustration. Our best intentions came up short against the plain fact that there are just not enough hours in the day to get nearly enough done. Recording and mixing has always been a very long process for us at the best of times, ally that to the overriding domestic responsibilities and the making of music for a part time band must always play 2nd, if not 3rd or 4th fiddle. (Of course this is not helped by the scrapping of the majority of two lots of recordings we started earlier in the year either). There is a light at the end of the tunnel, and by Summer 2012 thing should be on track again so we can concentrate fully on making more music. Currently there are a couple of ep's worth of songs that are approaching finishing and that will be released in due course. On the positive side 2011 provided ample opportunity for writing new songs and there are a couple of armfuls of new tracks we can't wait to get recorded - it's just a matter of time.

September 2011

Summer came and went. Recording took a back seat as I took advantage of the good weather to clear out and the kit out the studio to help the acoustics. Now that is all complete I will be looking to finish of the recording. The intention is to folk devils and moral panicsrelease a couple of 4 track ep's, the first one some time near the end of the year, followed by an album after that.

We have just put together a deluxe download package of our debut release 'folk devils and moral panics'. The 6 track mini-album was originally released in August 2008 as an exclusive download on the wonderful Since indmill's sad demise earlier in the year it has been unavailable. We have now put together a deluxe download package available exclusively from There you can stream folk devils and moral panics for free, and if you decide you want buy it  you can choose how much you'd like to pay. The deluxe download is available in various formats including full CD quality, and the download package includes cover art, extra promo CD artwork, lyric sheet, liner notes and song notes.

Summer 2011

We are in the process of recording 15 new songs, it's been a slow, slow, process but we are very pleased with how its sounding so far. The current intention is to release an e.p. some time in the autumn, followed by an album after that. You can follow the progress of recording on our facebook and twitter pages.

March 2011

The Rowan Amber Mill's first recording of 2011, 'Tree Song' has been completed and is now available freely over the internet. The song was written in anger about the UK government's scandalous, short-sighted and self serving proposal to sell off huge swathes of public owned forest to private industry - all for a cheap buck. If you want to check out our alt-folk protest song it is on our soundcloud, facebook and myspace pages.

February 2011

The band, ever eager to pursue the current trends in musical fashion, have succumbed to the inevitable economic downsizing which has meant Terry and Sharon have left the band. Actually the reason is that we just do not have the time available to all join together, gather in the songs, then thrash them out, rebuild them, hone them, record, and re-record them. So Terry and Sharon will be pursuing their other myriad of musical outlets, and The Rowan Amber Mill reverts back to a solo project containing only a solitary Stephen. (At the moment I am unable to confirm or deny the rumor that Terry and Sharon will replace Meg and Jack White in The White Stripes).

As we speak, there are a large number of songs written for a possible release somewhere down the road. The aforementioned lack of time has hindered the subsequent recording of these new songs, but, they will start to trickle out in due course. So keep your ears open, and check our Facebook page because they will be revealed there first.

December 2010

We Bring You A King With A Head Of GoldWe have an exclusive track on a new double compilation CD that is entitled "We Bring You a King With A Head Of Gold" - available now.

"We Bring You..." is the eagerly awaited follow up to the wonderful John Barleycorn Reborn compilation that was released a couple of years ago, again it ploughs a distinctive rich seam of dark folk tunes. It contains 34 tracks on double CD and download direct from the Cold Spring label and Amazon etc.
Our song on the compilation is an exclusive alternative and extended mix of Blood And Bones (Ciderdelica mix), infused with a heady scrumpy vibe.  

Also on the compilation is the wonderful Corncrow (featuring Kim Guy - our previous singer extroadinaire and lifetime honorary"Rowan"). By the way, Corncrow's debut CD is also available now - check out the Corncrow myspace site.

Other highlights include one of our very favourite contemporary folk tracks ever - Earthen Key by Barron Brady (a folk duo from just over the river from us) along with our fave bands The Hare And The Moon, Sproatly Smith and Wyrdstone. 

If you like contemporary folk with a mystical bygone vibe this compilation is for you.

November 2010

We are just making up the last small batch of handmade Heartwood CDs, and those will be the last handmade ones we make. They will be available exclusively direct from us in the millersounds shop. So if you would like a handmade copy of the album, now is the time to order.

Heartwood reached number 1 in both the English Folk and Acid Folk charts at CDbaby. We are informed that Heartwood is at number 56,490 in the Amazon UK album chart for UK sales of the import version! (not good news for the carbon footprint). So a big, big thank you to all of you who bought the CD.     

A track of ours is included on a free download-only compilation made available from the wonderful people at FATEA. Their showcase session for Winter 2010 is entitled Rising, and includes a one track from us, along with 14 further tracks from other artists covering a wide range of styles. You can download the session from 1st November from


October 2010

Heartwood is now (belatedly) available on iTunes.

September 2010

Heartwood received its official worldwide release on 20th September 2010. We have been informed that it is already out of stock at CDbaby (we have rushed them some further supplies of Heartwood CDs so they'll be available form CDbaby again very shortly). You can also buy them direct from us (both here and from our ebay shop), from Amazon and elsewhere. You can also preview all the tracks on and

August 2010 (2)

Heartwood limited handcrafted editions available now from our shop.

Heartwood is now available to order from our official shop ahead of its official worldwide release date of 20th September 2010. Heartwood contains 14 tracks (55mins) of Woodland Folkadelica, and its already garnering some very nice reviews in magazines and on the web. You can find out all the details about Heartwood on our releases page. You can hear a couple of tracks off the album on our Myspace and Facebook pages (click the links at the top of the page). We hope you enjoy it.

There is a nice little review of Heartwood in the current issue of Shindig, the uber cool magazine for the discerning listener.
A selective quote from the review reads thus:- "The Rowan Amber Mill and their album Heartwood come across like a British version of first album Espers - all melodious vocals, earthly splendor and quiet grace". Buy the magazine to read the longer review - it is a really great (and unmissable) magazine with some wonderful music, film and pop culture.

We now have a Rowan Amber Mill YouTube channel which currently contains a wonderful video of English Shire (taken from the new album). The video was very kindly made overseas by Italian film director by Francesco Paolo Paladino. Check it out.

Latest News August 2010 (1)

With the release date of our debut full length album (entitled Heartwood) approaching we have been double-busy. We have been putting together the individually handcrafted limited edition version of the album, and to beginning to re-jig the website ready for the new release.

The official release date of the album is 20th September 2010, however, you'll be able to order the album from this site from 31st August 2010. (Subscribers to our mailing list will already have access to the pre-release information).

We have just begun to receive the first reviews in for Heartwood. Here are a few quotes:

"Having quietly raved about the Rowan Amber Mill's previous release, it's a real pleasure to be able to turn our attention this time to 'Heartwood'. The album's well worth seeking out. Lovely stuff! Get it before it's gone."

"Few tellers of whispered woodland tales tell them so effectively as The Rowan Amber Mill". "To cure your ills just take a dose of its idyllic folk beauty and drift off into another wholly more peaceful and wonderful world – you’ll love every second". "In all Heartwood offers 14 tracks to relish and savour – and when you hear them you will, no question". -

Please do check out our Facebook page, it is a good way for us to be able to keep you right up to date and also for you to keep in touch with us.

Latest News July 2010

Our debut full length album (entitled Heartwood) has now been completed and pressed and will be released on 20th September 2010. It will be available to order direct from this website on 31st August 2010 in both a very special individually handcrafted edition and a standard jewel case edition. Heartwood will also be available to be bought and downloaded from 20th September 2010 from itunes, CDBaby,, etc etc. In the meantime a couple of randomly selected tracks from Heartwood can be heard on our Myspace and Facebook page.