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The Rowan Amber Mill (and related).

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The Rowan Amber Mill on Bandcamp - Download our MP3s, including the download only 'folk devils and moral panics' mini album

The Rowan Amber Mill on Soundcloud - Usually where we post new tunes first.

The Rowan Amber Mill on Youtube - Watch us with your eyes.

The Rowan Amber Mill on Reverb Nation

The Rowan Amber Mill on Amazon MP3 - download our MP3s here.

The Rowan Amber Mill on CD Baby - Buy our CDs, download our MP3s.

The Rowan Amber Mill on Last FM

SkyRocket - Music publisher of a collection of The Rowan Amber Mill songs.

Kim Guy - Ex-lead singer of The Rowan Amber Mill. Also sings with Corncrow.




More artists to be announced shortly for a series of releases.

Some other places we think you may like.


Bella Union - The best roster in the world - home to Midlake, The Fleet Foxes, Beach House, Lanterns On The Lake and Mr Van Dyke Parks the list is endless.

Folk Police recordings - Home to Weirdlore, Sproatly Smith, Harp And A Monkey, Rapunzel & Sedayne and much more.

Full Time Hobby - Home to Tunng, Diagrams, Cheek Mountain Thief, The Leisure Society and just about everything else groovy you can think of.

RIF Mountain recordings - Home to the extended Owl Service family.

Cold Spring - Label that releases the Dark Britannica folk compilation series that has featured The Rowan Amber Mill.


Roots & Fusion Show on Pure 107.8FM - A great show presented by Rick Stuart. The show is a very generous supporter of our music.

Sideways Through Sound - Another great show, this time broadcasting on 2SER 107.3FM in Australia. Also has supported our music very generously.

Internet Music

The Active Listener - One of our favourite sites on the web. It features all manner of Psychedelic, psyche- folk and misc music.

Fatea - Endlessly supportive of real music.

Misc - Our favourite contemporary cinema site.

The Cult Of TV - Our favourite site for Cult TV shows.