Millersounds logoThe Millersounds label was formed in Devon in 2002 in order to self-release CDs by the alt-folk / alt-country band Miller. We released their limited edition CD albums 'Orgel' in 2003, and 'A dialogue Concerning...' in 2004.

Since the demise of Miller, the label has exclusively released the music of The Rowan Amber Mill, releasing the mini-albums 'folk devils and moral panics' in 2007, and 'Midsummers' in 2008 and the debut full length album 'Heartwood' in 2010.

See the Releases section releasing for further details.

The here and now

Commencing early 2013, Millersounds will begin releasing music from an eclectic blend of musicians, and some special projects in conjunction with other small record labels. Stay tuned for more details.

What we do

Heartwood handcrafted editionWe release short limited edition runs of our releases, using carefully sourced and, where possible,almost exclusively recycled materials for our CD releases. These limited editions are often handcrafted. For an example of what we do, please take a look at the handcrafted edition of Heartwood on the Releases section. The handcrafted edition of Heartwood was made by us painstakingly cutting out 50 individual shapes and letters to form a guitar playing owl as the cover to each Heartwood CD. The handcrafted editions are necessarily time consuming, but it is our small way of trying to keep music physical and special.


More artists to be announced shortly for a series of releases.